Back to the Basics.

We celebrated one of my brother's 40th birthday yesterday and let me just say, it was lit!!! All my siblings were there and it was mad fun. Its always nice when the 7 of us are together. It doesn't happen too often. But this post is not about a party. I slept over at my … Continue reading Back to the Basics.


My Purple Butterfly…

Dear Paula, I thought of you today, as I was watching a movie on Netflix titled Irreplaceable You. It's about this couple and how the lady ends up diagnosed with cancer and it's stage four and because she's a control freak, she goes on control mode. She wants to be sure her bae (that's the … Continue reading My Purple Butterfly…

I will wait

I know you look at yourself and think you're not enough You look around and everyone else seems to be better than you You think if you had certain opportunities, That your life would be different. It probably would. But that's not what's important You are my child and my plans for you are and … Continue reading I will wait

If wishes were horses…

I at times wish life was black and white. That there were no blurry or grey lines.  I wish people would say what they mean and mean what they say as opposed to lies and stringing each other along. I wish the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was a true story; … Continue reading If wishes were horses…

Self-centred “Friendships”

I have always prided myself in being a good friend. I take my friendships very seriously and I always try as much as possible to always be there for people I call friends; and these are not many. Well, I may use the term loosely because it's much easier to say it than acquaintance or … Continue reading Self-centred “Friendships”

Scars to Your Beautiful

I know.  I know because I have been there, done that, got a t-shirt and it doesn't fit any more. I see how you watch everything you put in your mouth; how you beat yourself up when you miss to make it to the gym; how you eat badly if only you could put on … Continue reading Scars to Your Beautiful

Save Myself

Hi Dear, I love you. That's for true. I always want to ensure you are good. I go over and beyond for you because you are important to me. This at the end of the day is what friendship is supposed to be about, no? Being there for each other at all times, for as … Continue reading Save Myself