Back To The Basics… Unmasking Self…

Today I was reminded about the simple things in life being the ones that matter most. I was reminded that when all is said and done, you want to fall back on the simple, non-complicated things of life, like family, or a hot cup of tea on your favorite couch. I was reminded that the … Continue reading Back To The Basics… Unmasking Self…



It's funny how flimsy life can look in the face if death; When you know there's a timeline to life, it puts things into perspective. It helps you appreciate the important stuff from those that are just fluff. Being aware of your mortality and embracing it, I think is a key to living a simpler, … Continue reading Mortality

Self-centred “Friendships”

I have always prided myself in being a good friend. I take my friendships very seriously and I always try as much as possible to always be there for people I call friends; and these are not many. Well, I may use the term loosely because it's much easier to say it than acquaintance or … Continue reading Self-centred “Friendships”

An Ode to Writing…

Writing is how I feel things and experience them and make sense of them.  It is how my soul speaks and communicates Writing makes me go to places that I would otherwise not dare to And every time I take a hiatus from it My soul wanders about aimlessly Life feels a bit aloof I … Continue reading An Ode to Writing…

test before the lesson…that’s life

In school, you get the lesson first then the test.In life, the test comes first then the lesson.Woe unto you if you are a blonde to this fact because you will find yourself fighting the same wars without understanding why.In life,sadly,you cannot rig yourself out of a test.You may think you have,until a few months … Continue reading test before the lesson…that’s life

Life’s a see-saw

So,i got me a house.i am finally going it alone...disclaimer,prayer works.even those that you say silently.God hears them very soon i shall be in my house-all mine.i cannot tell how super excited i am.been a long time coming!on top of that,i am filling the registeration form for my hand made cards business.awesome! On the … Continue reading Life’s a see-saw

End of the road;control

I just lost a former school mate and someone i grew up with.She died,on her birthday.She was going out to celebrate yet another year but she didn't make it to her destination. It is quite normal,right?We don't leave the house thinking about what could go wrong,at least not that we could die.Yet death is all … Continue reading End of the road;control